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BusinessTrack, founded in 2004, is the most flexible Tracking & Tracing system around. We can provide solutions for basic tracking & tracing, temperature monitoring, but also provide a system reading the CAnbus.

Our flexibility is not only about our hardware, but even more important, our subscriptions. You can choose a (patment)term, which suits you best and you can terminate any subscription with a month notice. So no long-term obligations.

Together we will determine your demands and wishes and offer a personalized offer based on your situation. Our solution is 100% webbased and on one platform, so you will automatically work with the latest updates on software and mapping. There will be no installing software on your computers, everything is provide through a secured internet connection and available only for you.

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BusinessTrack combines the platform with very sharp GPRS / GSM data rates and, if desired, contractless subscriptions that underline our flexibility. At BusinessTrack, we connect with quality and make sure you have a clear view of your fleet every minute of the day.
BusinessTrack stands for engagement, professionalism, cooperation, quality, compliance and ensure you make every effort Day again, you can make use of the invested services, always and everywhere.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 020-368 1696, or info@business-track.nl Service icon

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