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“Greener and more efficient fleet with our drive registration system”

BusinessTrack gives you every moment of the day a clear and distinct view of all
work outside the door.

How does it work
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“With one glance, make your
driving registration insightful”

> All driven routes via GPRS
> Reporting online and by email
> Registration with invisible hardware

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BusinessTrack, keep track of your business

Businesstrack provides live insight in your fleet; location, speed, mileage, driver behaviour, temperature monitoring and more. With this information, you can reduce operating costs and create more revenu.


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How does it work? Solutions

How does it work

Our solution exists of three components:

  • The hardware (black box/unit) is installed in the vehicle. The GPS determines the positions and speed.
  • A simcard is used to transfer the data from the unit to our servers, which are located at a highly secured data-center.
  • By loggin in to the website, wou will get a clear overview of the vehicles and additional data.

These three together will provide you with a live view of the required information. Besides the basic black box, itis possible to add several options, for example; temperature sensors, driver ID, measuring Input-ports and controlling output-ports, and more. Of course you will be provided with a large number of reports, available both on- and offline.

For more information and personal advice, please contact us.

How does it work?

Temperature monitoring

Nowadays we see more and more requests for live monitoring of temperature. We can provide three different solutions:

  • Wired, we will attach one or more wired sensors to our unit.
  • Wireless, itis possible to instal one or more RFID-temperature tags, which will send the temperature to a receiver, attached tot the unit. These tags can be placed at any point in the vehicle, or trailer, wherever you want.
  • The third option is attaching a serial cable tou your existing climate solutions (Carrier, Euroscan) and we can read their values and send them one-on-one to our servers.

Temperature monitoring

Driver ID

With this option, you can;

  • See who is driving which vehicle at this moment
  • Look back historical who drove which vehicle at any point in history
  • Make a personalized report of trips, or an oversight of driver behaviour

Driver ID

Solution overview

What are the potential applications of Business Track?

I/O ports

It is possible to see when a signal in the vehicle goes on or off, for example; opening a door, opening the lid of the loading compartiment, activating an emergency button. The other way around, it is possible to activate a port, by sending a signal to the unit, for example an immobilizer.



Driver behaviour

Our unit measures how a driver handles the vehicle. With this information, you can create a report with:

  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Idling
  • Fuel usage
  • CO2 emission

And wit hall these data, we have driver score report, so it is easy to compare driver behaviour.

Driver Behaviour

Fleet reports and notifications

There is a wide selection of available report, but some examples:

  • Trip report
  • Workday report
  • Mileage report
  • Location report
  • Sensor report
  • Performance report

Fleet reports

Plus temperature

Extension of standard package

  • Live temperature vehicle office
  • Reporting temperature history
  • Temperature chart history
  • Temperature history by location
  • Alarm exceed certain limit

Plus temperature

Plus green driving (MVO)

Expansion with green driving program

  • Fuel consumption
  • Driving time / Stop time
  • Co2 emissions
  • Average speed
  • Idling

Plus drive green


Options and applications

  • Input Signals (measuring all signals present)
  • Output Signals (measuring and controlling)
  • Maintenance messages
  • Custom reports
  • Integration with other systems (API)

More options

" The promised service and quality according
to the agreed agreements "

-Edwin Mackaay van Mackaay ICT Services

"We have been a business trader for Business Track Netherlands for a number of years,

And we are very pleased with their product.
The website provides a complete and clear overview. "

-Sandra van der Horst

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